September 2014

And this is how it began……


I was scheduled to fly out to Munich on the Saturday to meet up with Jimbo the head coach of Team GB SBX Squad.  My first thoughts were what should I pack?  I had this new modular luggage system from SnoKart, The Kart 6, the storage space is humongous, I mean seriously massive!  I was been accompanied to Munich by my dad and so I had to fit everything into the board bag and the holdalls.  The system comprises of one big board bag and two detachable holdalls – I wasn’t sure if we would fit everything in – my dad doesn’t travel light!!20141115_105639

Two snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, helmets evening clothing, skate shoes, camera gear, it all went in with ease, in fact we had one of the holdalls left over…. Surely must have left something behind?  Nope; all there, let’s hope they don’t weigh the bags!

We arrived in Munich after having the VIP seats to ourselves, the plane was empty so I had plenty of room to relax, lay down and sleep.  We arrived at the meeting point in Munich, met some of the others and waited for Jimbo to arrive.  The apartment was cool, a tiny kitchen, but hey, I wasn’t doing any cooking 😉  We settled in, had a chat and looked forwards to getting out on the mountain tomorrow.

Nose Tux Ethan

Up bright and early – thanks dad! Had breakfast and loaded up into the minibuses we set off for the ¾ hour journey to Hintertux.   Jimbo was supported by SBX and freestyle coach Steve Addicott who also runs the awesome Why Aint’ You? camps.  The visibility was pretty rubbish the whole week though we did have one day where the sun managed to break through, the rest of the time you could hardly see your hand in front of your face; you defiantly couldn’t see your feet.  There were some huge dumps of snow whist we were there and it was great to be riding fresh powder in early November.  Because the weather was so unpredictable and bad the park was closed for the majority of the week, but we did manage a few cheeky laps on the pro line and some of the lower rails were open for a sly hit.



The lack of vis made for some very interesting riding, everything had to be done by feel, the new Superfeet premium insoles in my boots were awesome, they made riding by feel very easy and a pleasure.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who relies on their feet for their sport! I am very lucky to have an awesome Never Summer Evo Snowboard, because of the technology invested into the board I could feel every little lump and bump before there was any chance of catching an edge.  The sintered base gave me the speed I needed and took the wax really well – much better than some of those extruded bases available.  Never Summer use exactly the same technology in there smaller boards that they use in their full size boards so I know for sure that it’s up to the job.  It is also really good to know that they care about the up and coming generation of riders, after all we are the future of snowboarding!


The training and evaluation through the whole week was intense but I rode hard all week and whatever happens I felt I gave it my best shot.  Called in to have a chat with Jimbo at the end of the week was probably the most nervous I had been all week.  The feedback session went well and I was officially offered a place as an Elite Junior on Team GB Snowboard Cross squad. I was happy!