Season 2019/20

5th FIS Audi Glacier 3000 SUI
4th ValleyRalley Hochzillertal AUT
4th VANS Groms Open Penken AUT
9th WRT Livigno ITA
29th FIS Europa Cup BA Vars FRA
12th FIS Europa Cup SS Vars FRA
4th QParks Penken Battle AUT
6th QParks Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm AUT
best trick QParks Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm AUT
1st QParks Sick Trick Kitzbuhel AUT
best trick QParks Sick Trick Kitzbuhel AUT
3rd ValleyRalley Penken AUT
14th Europa Cup BA Absolut Park Flachauwinkl AUT

Season 2018/19
24th FIS Audi Glacier 3000 SUI
8th World Rookie Fest Corvatsch SUI
22nd ValleyRalley Hochzillertal AUT
14th World Rookie Fest Livigno ITA
14th ValleyRalley Zillertal AUT
13th QParks Lit Night Jam AUT
18th FIS EYOF SS Sarajevo BOS
17th FIS EYOF BA Sarajevo BOS
4th QParks Penken Battle SS AUT
22nd FIS Europa Cup BA GER
19th FIS Europa Cup BA GER
1st ValleyRalley Penken SS AUT
1st ValleyRalley Overall Male AUT
7th Nobile Trophy SBX GER
2nd World Rookie Fest Pila SS ITA
36th FIS Europa Cup Audi SS SUI
21st World Rookie Final SS AUT
8th World Rookie Final HP AUT
3rd QParks Final SS AUT
57th FIS Junior Worlds SS SWE
41st FIS Junior Worlds BA SWE

Season 2017/18
2nd Q Parks Penken Battle
8th World Rookie Fest ITA
4th World Rookie Fest Rail Jam ITA
5th Valley Ralley AUT
DNS SBX Trophy Grasgerhren GER
3rd Vans Grom Open Mayrhofen AUT
2nd Valley Rally AUT
3rd Kids Jam GBR

Season 2016/17
7th Sick Trick Open AUT
6th Gold and Glory AUT
5th U16 Shred Down Masters AUT
6th U16 Valley Rally Mayrhofen AUT
12th World Rookie Finals S/S AUT
9th World Rookie Finals Half Pipe AUT
41st Junior World Champs S/S CZE
77th Junior World Champs Big Air CZE
16th Europa Cup Big Air Götschen GER
3rd Trentino World Rookie Fest ITA
8th U16 Valley Rally Gerlos, AUT
29th U16 World Rookie Fest ITA
2nd U16 Valley Rally Hochzillertal AUT
5th U16 Valley Rally Hintertux AUT
2nd Overall male EnviroJam 2016 GBR
3rd U16 EnviroJam 2016 GBR
2nd U17 Big Air Farmers Jam GBR
3rd U17 SBX Farmers Jam GBR
4th U17 Slopestyle Farmers Jam GBR
2nd U30 seed SnoZone Cas cockup SBX GBR
6th U16 English Slopestyle Final GBR
3rd U16 Splashfest Brknl GBR
1st Best Trick U14 Kids Jam GBR
1st U14 Kids Jam Hemel GBR
4th U16 English SBX Championships GBR

Season 2015/16
21st U16 World Rookie Tour Finals AUT
428th TTR Overall Male WORLD
4th U16 Valley Rally Hintertux AUT
5th U16 Penken Battle AUT
8th U16 World Rookie Tour ITA
2nd U16 Snakerun Battle AUT
12th U16 Valley Rally, Penken Park AUT
6th U16 Junior Jam, Westendorf AUT
3rd U16 Valley Rally, Snowpark Gerlos AUT
1st Overall ‘best trick’ MoJam GBR
1st U16 MoJam GBR
5th U16 Farmers Jam Big Air GBR
1st U12 Shred the Dome GER
3rd Open Age Shred the Dome GER
2nd U16 Jibworx Rail Jam GBR
1st U14 English SBX Champs GBR
2nd U14 Kids Jam, TSC GBR
1st U12 The Mad Fridge Shred GER
5th U16 Air Attack 2015 GBR
5th U12 English S/S Champs GBR
4th U16 – KJam GBR
1st U12 – Mayhem Jam (Big Air) GBR
3rd Open – Mayhem Jam (Pig), GBR

Season 2014/15

1st Overall male – Perma Series
3rd U12 – SBX Championships GBR
1st U12 – Farmers Jam Slopestyle GBR
2nd U12 – Farmers Jam Big Air GBR
3rd U16 – Splashfest, Bracknell GBR
2nd U16 – ‘Best Trick’ Capita Skim GBR
4th U12 – Mad Fridge Shred GER
1st U12 – English SBX Championships GBR
4th U12 – Halfpipe, Tignes FRA
11th U16 – Air Attack iii GBR
3rd overall – Llandudno Slopestyle GBR
2nd U16 – Plymouth Slopestyle GBR
1st U12 – Oatcake Jam GBR
5th U12 – Indoor Brits GBR
2nd U12 – KJAM GBR
20th – Overall male BST


1st Overall male – Perma Series GBR
5th U16 – Air Attack ii GBR
1st U12 – Scottish Freestyle Champs GBR
2nd U12 – Scottish SBX Champs GBR
4th U12 – Go Big or Go Home GBR
24th Overall – English S/S Champs GBR
4th U16 – Swadlincote Slopestyle GBR
3rd overall – Plymouth Slopestyle GBR
3rd U16 Llandudno Slopestyle GBR
4th U16 – Bracknell Slopestyle GBR
17th – Overall male BST