Ready, Ready, Ready

So tonight it’s trampolining, I have my front and back flips dialled in along with my Misty flips and backflip 180’s.  I have been working hard on my side flips  but these more often than not result in  frontflip 90’s – 180’s……getting there though.  I have been trying backflips to backdrop, but it feels weird trying not to land the flip and continue the rotation, when I get five I’ll pop on some video.  At the end of the trampoline session I love to play ‘Add One.’ and then go home to practice.

Tomorrow its Gymnastics, they don’t let me flip on the trampoline, but I always manage to get a cheeky flip or two in when I’m not been watched 🙂  I can flip however off the springboard onto the mats and that is good fun, I’m trying to get higher and faster every time.  Im trying static flips and can land crouched on my feet without a ‘pre-flip jump’…….something else to work on I suppose….

Saturday I’m looking froward to going to L2A (Les Deux Alpes) for a week to hit the park.  I am looking forward to hitting the BIG kickers, sorting out my Barrel Rolls and working on my rail skills.

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Happy Shreddin’