Its Been a LONG time…



In March I went to the Scottish Boarder Cross  Championships at Glenshee.   It was my first time doing BX I was not nervous, but I got more nervous when I was in the gates.  The first day was timed runs and practice.  I met some new friends and we went off piste and played around on the little rollers and bumps.  We had a really good time racing and messing around.  I was glad I had my goggles from Smith Optics they were amazing, this is the second time I have used them on snow, can’t wait to use them again!  I qualified second in my age category.

The next day was the finals and knockout rounds.  that night (apart from a big pizza for tea) we waxed my Never Summer Evo Grom with the best snowboard wax available, Bluebird wax, this made it go even faster!!  The final was against some good friends this made us more competitive.  I finished second in the final getting a SILVER medal.  I was super stoked because it was my first time competing in Boarder Cross.

Ethan Podium

The following week I travelled back up to Scotland to compete in the Scottish Freestyle Championships at Cairngorm.  It was very windy and almost a whiteout all day, my lovely new POW Gloves kept my hands nice, warm and dry all day!   they had to close the kickers because it was too white and windy and dangerous to go off them.  So it was a bit like a rail jam.  I had two runs in the practice and two runs in the final, unluckily I didn’t make it into the Big Final I was one place out.  I did however finish 1st in the under 12’s and claimed a GOLD medal for this,  I didn’t expect it and was really happy.

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In April I went to Montana (the snow dome, not the state) for a weeks holiday with my friends.  I even took a night trip to Landgraaf for the opening of their new park set-up.  I got the first run down their park with the first 5 and the first backflip of the new park.  It was epic.   I spent time at Montana and Landgraaf getting some footage for The Snow Centre video.

When I came back I was stoked to find out I have a new sponsor, the best dome in the UK check them out…here.

After practicing at TSC I then travelled to Kendal for the K-Jam.  this was an epic competition full of friends and fun.  It was a very competitive competition the slope was different to what I am used to because it was black (really dark green).  It was super close between me and Scott, both of us doing rodeos and underflips, luckily I didn’t need to use the cool Bern Watts Lid as I never landed on my head 😉 , I ended up with the SILVER medal this time.  It was great fun, I cannot wait until the next one!


The next couple of weeks were spent training at The Snow Centre  and trying to get my carving and tricks sorted for the next competitions.

I then travelled to Manchester for the English Snowboard Cross Championships.  Again I was riding with and against friends (it’s a small world this snowboarding thing) It was a good vibe.  I qualified top of my age group, this Never Summer Snowboard really goes fast, so I had the choice of start gate for the semis and the finals.  I made the finals and ended up with a GOLD medal!!


I went home to practice for the English SlopeStyle Championships, I was working towards a new trick, one which i have nailed on the trampoline, an Underflip 9.  I don’t know how but my board hit my head at the side of my eye, I had to go to hospital and have it worked on.  Luckily I didn’t get too much blood on my favourite NEFF tee shirt and the Bern Helmet kept me from injuring my head when the contact killed the rotation and I landed on my head.  I couldn’t see for about 4 days through the eye because it was too swollen and bloodshot, it is still bloodshot.  I had to miss the competition, I was gutted! 🙁

Black eye

Massive thanks also to Maverix Snow Camps for helping with the training and Invert Newquay for also helping with clothing and equipment!  Sorry you guys didn’t get a bigger mention :-/